App Controlled Underglow LED kit


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Wanna show off a bit? We got you covered. Ride with style with our Color Changing LEDs.

Use our LED Controller App to set your LED color, or custom program any custom flashing or fading design all from your iPhone or Android device! Have your LEDs flash and fade to your music!

Set any color you want for your interior lights! Whether you're in the mood for some angry red, passionate pink, or bouncing blue the RGB LED Panel has you covered. In the mood for something more intense? Make your LEDs flash or fade from one color to another!

Fully waterproof and is designed to mount under your car!

The Color Changing LED App allows you to:
- Set the LEDs to flash and fade to the music!
- Set a specific solid color your LED panel, whether you want to rock the green, pink, orange, or plain ol' white.

- Set a specific color to flash

- Make the LED panel fade between all different colors or selected colors

- Make the LED panel flash all different colors or selected colors

- Control the speed of the color change

This comes with 4 LED strips, a control module, and a cigarette lighter adapter. Download the App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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