Dome Light LED Conversion


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2014 Price Drop!  Each year we've been bringing you better, brighter LEDs, but this year, we bring you a price drop thanks to better negotiated manufacturing costs!

Want even Brighter Dome Light LEDs? Check out the Supernova Dome Light LEDs.

Light up the night and your S2000 cockpit with these super bright LEDs from!

This product will include Two (2) LED Conversion bulbs to fit a Honda S2000's Dome / Map Lights.  These have been tested to be many times brighter than stock
Never fumble around looking for things relying on stock lights that are not bright enough.
We use ONLY the BRIGHTEST LEDs available!

Not only are the LEDs brighter, the color is much more attractive.  These LEDs emit a cool white color and not a dull yellowish.  Light output is around 5000k as opposed to around 3000k. 

In addition, these LEDs should last longer than your car, rated at an average of 100,000 hours, meaning 11 years of continuous usage!

No worries about draining your battery either, as LEDs only consume 1/4th of the electricity required for an incandescent bulb.

This bulb can be used in all 31mm Festoon bulb sockets.  Most Hondas use a 31mm Festoon bulb.

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