Supernova LEDs AP1 Brake Light LED Conversion


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A new LED that is given the Supernova title: an EVEN brighter design of LED Brake Light!  Better fill of light in the OEM tail lights, tweaked parking light / brake light balance, better heat dissipation and, of course, greater overall maximum brightness.

In above Pictures: Left - LED, Right - Incandescent

Finally, a plug and play LED conversion that is BRIGHTER than stock for the S2000 Brake Lights! 
Don't be fooled by other LED applications.  I've tested them all, and these are one of the few plug and play LEDs that are actually brighter than stock! 

Not only is the light output brighter than stock, the LED activates INSTANTLY when your brakes are applied, making it safer from rear end collisions. 

Also, the color of the LEDs is a much deeper, more vivid red color than the stock bulb.  When comparing the two, the stock almost looks like a red-orange.

Note:  I have gotten two reports of the LED Brake Lights interfering with the ability to use cruise control at night.  My best guess is that the difference in voltage with the LED bulb is interfering with the brake sensor which is connected to the cruise control computer.  Cruise control works fine during the day time.

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