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Welcome to Joey's S2000 Accessories - Home for custom, unique, and inexpensive accessories for your S2000.

Why buy LEDs from


Quality - Almost all LEDs are manufactured in China, yet some fail and die within a week, (AHEM EBAY). It is up to the vendor to source, test, and commission quality LEDs. I've done all the legwork, in choosing the best and brightest LEDs for any application, so you don't learn a lesson the hard way.
Color - Our white LEDs are 100% pure white. There is no "ricey looking" blue tint (AHEM EBAY) or purple or yellow in any of our LEDs. The result is a crisp, modern, classy light output.
Service - Having a problem? Have a question? Just let me know. I'll do whatever I can to help.
Warranty - LEDs do die. Manufacturing defects do exist. Heat, moisture, vibration can all break a LED. If this happens, let us know. See our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Unbeatable Warranty.


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