Why Buy JS2k?

LEDs - Why Buy JS2k? - What makes JS2k's LEDs better? - This page goes in-depth as to why JS2k.com's LED conversions are better.


It's no secret that we all love our cars, so I sell products that I would use on my own S2000.  Not only does it have to pass the S2000 level of quality, it also has to pass my standard of quality.


All my products are tested in the real-world on my S2000 before I would even consider selling them.  You won't find any junk that you find on eBay here.

Community – It’s not about the money

If this was all about profit, I would resell products like performance parts, body kit parts, and anything that would make a buck, however, I value bringing unique products to the S2000 community and filling a niche over dollars and cents. 

Relevant History Lesson

JS2k was started in 2008 selling only 2 products: Keyhole covers and the Oil Drain Valve. 

Keyhole Covers: Love the idea, hated that they sold for $30 a set!  I was able to make and sell them for a third of the price (2008 prices) so that everyone would have them.

Oil Drain Valve:  Being a broke college student, I discovered this in 2004 when I was tired of paying $50+ for each synthetic oil change.  This allowed me to change the oil in my dorm parking lot without ever having to jack up the car.   I love it so much, that I wanted to share this with the S2000 community, since the S2000 is the perfect application with its spacious engine bay.


Having a problem? Have a question? Just let me know. I'll do whatever I can to help.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Because of my high standards, I sell only great quality products.  I stand by them 100%.  I couldn't afford to do this if I wasn't sure that fellow S2000 enthusiasts will love them.  See my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I'm an S2000 enthusiast too.

Not only does your business help me to create new products for S2000s, I'm an S2000 enthusiast, like you.  And I thank you for supporting your fellow S2000 brother.

I give back to the S2000 Community

Need support for your S2000 event?  I love to sponsor S2000 events.  (Restrictions apply: I can't just give out stuff for free)  Contact me with details of your event.

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