About our Oil Drain Valves

Oil Drain Valves

Our Oil Drain Valves make oil changes so much simpler. Install this valve instead of your drain bolt to drain your oil with no hassle and never a worry of a frozen or stripped drain bolt. These valves are double sealed to prevent leakage and years of service. With its forged brass and stainless steel composition, it resists corrosion from the water and mud that it may be exposed to. The lever locks to prevent accidental opening of the valve.

For some vehicles, like the S2000, you will never need to jack up the car to do an oil change again! Just slide a drain pan under the car and release the lever! This makes oil changes so easy, you can finally do oil changes without a garage or in the dead of winter! Save hundreds of dollars in labor for a simple task.

Oil changes demonstration with our Oil Drain Valve

This video shows how easy it is to do an oil change after installing our Oil Drain Valve. Even my girlfriend Mina can do it with ease!

Steps for installation:

1. Remove OEM drain plug

2. Let oil drain

3. Screw in the Oil Drain Valve with provided washer

4. Do not overtorque the Oil Drain Valve.

Notes for not overtorquing: First thread the valve into the adapter by hand and use a crescent wrench to tighten a bit more. Follow the same procedure when threading the valve and adapter into the oil pan.

Steps for oil change:

1. Open hood

2. Place oil drain pan under oil pan

3. Unscrew oil filter

4. Open the Oil Drain Valve

5. Screw in new filter

6. Close the Oil Drain Valve

7. Add oil

Oil Drain Valve Warranty

Fumoto Engineering of America offers a LIFE TIME WARRANTY on its product, against faulty workmanship and/or material to the original purchaser (with proof of purchase). For any defective product, Fumoto Engineering of America will replace the product at no charge. Fumoto Engineering of America will also indemnify any consequencial damages to the engine/vehicle which are directly caused by the defective product. This warranty does not cover any damages due to misuse, abuse, negligence or accident. This warranty is valid only in the United States and Canada

Oil Drain Valve FAQ

Q. Is my Engine Oil Drain Valve going to leak?

A. No. The "ball valve" design of your Engine Oil Drain Valve is just like the design of valves used in pressurized gas applications. Every valve is constructed to exacting specifications and each and every valve is tested for air tightness before it leaves the factory. The Engine Oil Drain Valve has been tested and granted "Genuine Part" status by six major motor vehicle manufacturers in Japan. These approvals were not granted easily and gaining them was a testimony to the quality and durability of the Engine Oil Drain Valve.

Q. Will my Engine Oil Drain Valve open up while I am on the road?

A. No. In its closed position the Engine Oil Drain Valve extends from the oil pan only about one half inch more than a standard oil drain plug. The valve's simple but effective locking system requires two distinct actions to open it and its heavy-duty construction will withstand any engine vibration. Over 2,000,000 Engine Oil Drain Valves have been sold in the past eight years and no problems have been reported.

Q. Does my Engine Oil Drain Valve protrude into the interior of the oil pan and prevent full drainage of my engine oil?

A. No. The threaded oil drain plug hole is always reinforced to accept the threaded bolt of the drain plug. Your Engine Oil Drain Valve will not extend past this threaded portion of the drain hole and will allow the oil to be properly drained. Your Engine Oil Drain Valve will let you drain your engine oil while it is hot without burning your hands and it is much more effective than trying to pump the oil out from above.

Q. How long will my Engine Oil Drain Valve last?

A. Your Engine Oil Drain Valve is constructed of corrosion resistant forged brass and stainless steel. To gain the approval of motor vehicle manufacturers it was subjected to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. It endured 336 hours of salt spray and thousands of openings and closings and still functioned perfectly. You can expect the Engine Oil Drain Valve to outlast your engine.

Q. How much does the Engine Oil Drain Valve stick out from the oil pan? Is it safe to use the N-Type valve (with Nipple) for cars and light trucks?

A. (Not from official FAQ) S2000s equipped with the Oil Drain Valves need not worry about ground clearance, as the valve extends parallel to the ground. If your oil pan does not scrape, then valve will not. In fact, many points of the subframe are lower than the oil pan or the valve.

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