Why Buy JS2k.com LEDs?

I was recently asked, “What makes your LEDs better than others?”

I realized that this isn’t conveyed well enough, and decided to post the advantages of JS2k.com’s LEDs in greater (borderline ranting) depth.


The Cliffs Notes or TLDR

Research, Quality, Testing, Color, QA, and Warranty


I’ve done all the homework for you.  For each LED application, a wide variety of LED components and LED configurations are tested in my S2000 for optimal brightness while balancing affordability.  Only then do I have the LEDs manufactured.

There’s no guess work, only two levels of brightness:

• One that is brighter than stock

• And a Supernova LEDs version that is MUCH brighter than stock.

• All safety related LEDs (Brake, Turn Signals, and Reverse) are the Supernova LEDs version.  See “Principles & Safety Related LEDs” below.


I use high quality LED components that are brighter and last longer.  LEDs are manufactured to a much higher standard than generic Chinese LEDs you find on elsewhere.  This is why my LEDs last compared to the eBay LEDs that can die in a week.


Not only have I done the homework to figure out which LED works, I have tested them, in the real-world, on my own S2000 to ensure they work reliably.

Thousands of manufacturers make and sell LEDs in China.  I selected my manufacturer only after long-term, real-world testing of sample LEDs.


I only use Color Binned* LEDs that are pure white.  LEDs that have hints of purple, blue, or yellow look terrible to me. 

* Higher quality LEDs are sorted into specific Color Bins to denote the range of their color.


All LEDs are actually QA tested before leaving the manufacturer, not just slapping on a sticker that says “QA tested”.


Because of my high standards, I sell only great quality LEDs.  I stand by them with 100% Guarantee.  I can afford to do this only because they are of such good quality.  See my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I have a warranty that is actually usable.  Buy from a random place on eBay?  Good luck getting a warranty replacement after a couple months.  I’ve been in the S2000 community since 2006 and won’t be going anywhere. 

Principles & Safety Related LEDs (Brake lights, Turn Signals, Reverse lights)

I will never sell LEDs that are unsafe to use.

I’ve been selling LEDs since 2009, and only since 2011 did I start selling applications for safety related applications.  This includes the Brake, Turn Signals, and Reverse LEDs.  Prior to 2011, plug-and-play LEDs were NOT bright enough to replace incandescent bulbs.  While I could have made money selling LEDs that were unsafe and invisible in direct sunlight, I chose not to, solely on principle.  Even though the “For off-road use only” disclaimer could protect me from issues, I sacrificed profits for principles.


• As a lighting enthusiast (joined HIDPlanet in 2004), I’ve been working with LEDs for over 10 years.

• I have been selling only high-quality LEDs since 2009. 

• I have designed and made hand-built custom LED conversions for Brake, Turn Signal, and DRLs with up to 600 LEDs per application.

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